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Zauberball Cotton

This 100% cotton version of Zauberball Crazy machine washable wool, is perfect for those interested in knitting with a long repeat but wanting a garment/shawl for a warmer climate!

Like the other yarns with long repeats, this one looks great in short rows and chevron style cowls and scarves like the popular Zick Zack.

Featuring 460 yards per 100 gm ball, it is recommended knit on a 2-3mm needle.

If you would like a heavier, sport weight version of this yarn in wool, we have Edition Three in stock now - also a lovely long repeat featuring areas of "marl" when 2 different colors are plied together to give a tweed look.

One ball does a great shawlette, as shown below from the back (left photo) and the front (right photo) this is called Frissons on Ravelry. The other colors of Zauberbal Cotton would be more striking and show more color variation - I somehow had a lot more of this color in stock so that's why I picked it initially. This model was knit in color 1 (color 1 goes from turquoise thru various shades of denim to purple).

Price: 19.99




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