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Juniper Moon

I know....none of the worsted is here. I used to stock it and it actually sold well, but I felt badly becuase it pilled so much....numerous customers mentioned it pilled before they even got to wear the sweater! So I decided to stick with their plied yarns like Arroyo and Sock.

That is until Mecha came along..... I rubbed a swatch hard over 100 times with no pills! So Mecha is a singles by Malabrigo that I am stocking.

Juniper Moon Farm Yarns


3-3.5 sts/inch angora blend

cozy and warm!

patagonia yarn

Patagonia 100% organic merino

lots of colors!
5-6 sts/inch

santa cruz yarn

Santa Cruz 100% organic merino

lots of colors!
4 sts/inch

zooey yarn

Zooey Cotton-Linen

5.5 - 6 sts/inch

great drape!

herriot yarn

Herriot Great

4 st/inch Baby alpaca

great for cowls

moonshine yarn



5 sts/inch - perrenial fav!

herriot fine yarn

Herriot Fine

cumulus yarn

Cumulus Cotton

4.5 - 5 sts/inch
96% cotton with a nylon binder



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