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Cascade Yarns

A note about Cascade yarns.....since there is a lot of confusion and talk about where their yarns are made.

It's the last year, Cascade moved the production of their machine washable yarns to China.. The non-machine washableyarns are still milled in Peru.

It is basically the machine washable wool and wool/acrylic blends that have moved to China.

The regular wools and the alpaca and alpaca/wool blends are still made in Peru.


Cascade 220

worsted (5 sts/inch)

Made in Peru

Lana d'Oro (4.5-5 sts/inch)


made in Peru


Eco Wool Bulky

and the new Peruvian Tones

(4 sts/inch)

Made in Peru

new splatters in stock but not yet online!

Heritage Sock Yarn-including handpaints!


recycled merino from tailors with 25% poly spun



220 Sport (5.5-6 sts/inch)

Made in Peru


128 Superwash Bulky (3.5 sts/inch)

220 sport Superwash