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Plymouth Yarns


This wool/hemp blend fills a void that was left when all the mills seemed to stop blending wool with linen at the same time a few years back! I never understood why, but both the Cascade and Plymouth blends of wool / linen were discontinued at the same time.

And this type of blend -a wool with a long stapled bast-type fiber - offers such a nice drape.The density of the cellulosic fiber gives the yarn a weightiness that wool alone doesn't have while the wool gives the yarn some elasticity. So you get memory with nice drape!.

The phenomenal price point of just $7.99 per skein of 120 yards, will make this a great option for garments.

The hat pattern shown below is a free pattern with the purchase of just one skein. There was some left after knitting the hat below - so if you wanted to make it deeper or add a pom pom, you could!

Price per skein: $7.99


cream. gold, gray

moss, teal, navy

brown, purple, charcoal