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Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock

This sock yarn would be great for shawls too. It is a lovely tight twist and comes in a large range of hand-dyed colors.

Featuring 425 yds/sk and recommended for socks at 7.5 - 8.5 st/inch, it could certainly be knit on a 4-6 for a shawl.

80% wool/20% poly for a strong wear if you are making socks!

I brought in some that are more tonal/solid, a few with "white" backgrounds for those of you who like that, and a range of warm autumnal colors and cool blues and greens!

And if you're looking for this wonderful yarn in a "gradient" of color, check out the Sweet Georgia Sock Blanks.

Price: $28.99/sk.

Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock

hint of mint, celadon spring



lemon curd, lollipop, jewel, blood orange

hojicha, sage, brown sugar, haze, lollipop


smitten, mango, out of the woods, grouse, blue canoe


rose day, lemon curd, rose gold, clementine, cayenne, fauna

drift, mermaid, magician

lullaby, london fog, mulberry, trinket

surrf, birch, golden hour, sea grass, bison


1, 2, 3, 4, 5

6, 7, 8, 9, 10

tough love yarn

top row:
rogue, phoenix, taestry, strawberry, chili, arbutus,

second row:
lichen, pine, evening, starlight, eden, windewept

tough love yarn

top row:
the first four are unavailable; walnut, stone

second row:
basil, saphire, lupine, elderberry, pomegranate, silver


fizzy water