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Swans Island Merino- Worsted & Fingering weights

Available in both a fingering and a worsted weight, I am stocking BOTH the naturally dyed organic merino AND the alpaca/merino by Swan Island in both the worsted and fingering weights.

Nature's Colors merino is naturally dyed in Maine. The 100% merino wool is certified organic and is gently processed at Jaegger Mills in Maine and then hand dyed using dye extracted from plant materials in Maine. I stock the naturally dyed in about 8 colros.

The Alpaca/Merino is available in undyed colors "seasmoke" (grey) and "natural" (oatmeal).

Both the dyed Nature's Colors and the undyed Alpaca/Merino feature the same yardage and price.

You have to feel how incredibly soft this yarn is to appreciate it fully but hopefully if you click on the photos for a better look, you can get a sense of the beauty of the subtle variation in the colors.

The scarf below is knit using 1 skein of the fingering and with just 1 skein of the worsted, you could knit 2 Erin hats! Also, 2 skeins of the worsted will knit both the Anna Cowl and an Erin Hat.

It takes 5 skeins to knit the Katherine Sweater shown below (front and back).....but so sweet it is!

Lace Leaf pattern knit in Fingering Nature's Colors

Erin Hat knit in worsted Nature's Colors; the hat on the left I used a YO for the increase whereas the hat on the right used a M1 increase....that's what accounts for the design difference in the two hats!

Katherine Sweater in Alpaca/Merino Erin Hat (Nature's Colors Garnet) and Anna Cowl (shown in seasmoke grey)

Some of the colors offered here are dyed with indigo (the purple hat color, beetroot, for example) and since this surface dye can "crock" off a bit (much like the original jeans faded as the indigo dye wore off the surface), I've shared a few more photos of my experience knitting the hat. One photo shows how a bit of the dye came off on my hands while knitting...but not much. And I honestly think the sunscreen residue might have lifted some dye off any yarn! I've also included a photo of the water after soaking the hat in "Soak" when it was done. I did this to try to get any residual dye off the hat before putting the model out on the floor....again, you can see a bit came off in the water, but not much at all. Anyway, I share this since some may be worried that knitting with one of these naturally dyed yarns may make a mess of your hands.....and you can see it doesn't.

Fingering Weight: 525 yds US 4 recommended at 7 sts/inch

Worsted Weight: 250 yds US 8 recommended at 4.5 sts/inch

Both are $31.99/skein.

As you can see here, a bit of the indigo rubbed off on my hands while knitting....but not much...and you see a bit of the indigo came off in the final wash, below.




Worsted Weight:


Worsted Weight:


Worsted Weight:

tarragon, teal, indigo, lupine, beetroot

Worsted Weight:

garnet, winterberry, tigerlily

Black Cherry...

shown in worsted (above) and in

fingering ( below )


Fingering Weight:

garnet, teal

seasmoke, lupine

Fingering Weight :

shale, charcoal, logwood

(as of 2/19/15 - we are temporarily out of logwood)


missing from photo:

natural white


Fingering Weight:

winterberry, tigerlily

Fingering Weight:

beetroot, indigo

Fingering Weight:

Early Thyme

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