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Sweet Georgia Sock Blanks

The same yarn (80 superwash merino/20 nylon) as their popular Tough Love Sock yarn, these "blanks" are knitted by machine and then hand dyed to create a gradation of colors.

But I wouldn't pigeon hole these for socks just because this yarn happens to be really great for socks.

Instead, think shawl or cowl, or anything with a long gradient! Or, for working a "faux fair isle" pattern by working from two ends at the same time.

The way they are dyed (in a knitted tube) doesn't lend them well to knitting two identical socks.

Sweet Georgia simply knits the white Tough Love Sock yarn in a tube for the purposes of being able to hand dye a lovely gradient. Then, instead of winding them back into a hank, they leave them in this preknit-for-dyeing stage so you can see the gradient! If they unknit and skeined these post dyeing, you wouldn't understand from the skein that they knit up in a gradient as they would look just like the original Tough Love hand-dyed sock yarn I already stock! (see link above)

So the "put up" is a function of allowing them to dye a gradient and for you to see the color shifts.

You'll NEED to wind these into a center pull skein in order to work from it - just as you'd need to wind ANY hand dyed hank into a ball before knitting with it! So it's not extra work for you. It's the same. But if you want to knit from two ends at one time in order to do colorwork (faux fair isle), then you'll need to wind it on a ball winder or nostepine so you can access both ends.

These blanks are 425 yards each

For a shawl, you'll either want to purchase 2 blanks (see my WIP in the right sidebar) OR buy a skein of a solid (see link above for solid choices) to work along with the gradient. But just 1 gradient alone is enough for a "faux fair isle" hat or for a cowl or scarf.

The WIP shown in the left side bar is not yet done, nor is it blocked. But i am knitting it from two different colors (alpine and taigua) so you can get an idea. The pattern I'm using is Woodland Journey from Ravelry and it features a bit of mosaic knitting alternated with sections of garter stitch. It's fun and easy. I'm using a US 6 needle.

Price: $38.00/sk.

Sweet Georgia Sock Blanks


alpine, taiga, throwback, aurora


taiga above and alpine below


throwback above and aurora below