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Silky Yak, Naturally Dyed

I used wood chips from my brother Eric's woodworking shop as well as plants from the garden out behind the shop and a few things I've gathered on walks with Winnie up behind the school!

And of course I dipped some of this yarn into the 32 gallon indigo vat I keep going at the shop to give me a nice blue and the lovely pine green.

Every year I purchase cochenile from the Peruvian vendor at Maryland Sheep and Wool and the Lac I purchased from a natural dye supplier, since I have no contacts in southeast asia! So there you have it - I used logwood, eucalyptus (bloodwood), madder and osage orange sawdust/wood chips from Eric; rudbekia from the back yard, goldenrod gathered from behind the school, indigo from the pot out back and also lac and cochenile from outside sources.

The yarn I offer here is a fingering weight 7 st/inch blend of 20%yak, 20%silk and 60%merino. And it is superwash! It is a lovely 3 ply yarn spun in Italy.

The yak fiber gives an underlying earth tone to the skeins so the colors are a bit darker than the colors I achieve using these same woodchips and plants dyeing over the NFAC Merino (also naturally dyed if you are looking for a dk. gauge - I'll get this yarn posted next week 9/30).

Each skein has 400 yards.

The shawl pattern shown in the right sidebar is on Ravelry and is called the "Inauguration Shawl". I chose "logwood", Osage Orange with Iron (bronze), and Cochenile (pink) for it. This shawl used only half of each skein, so you could either make the shawl a lot larger, or for your three skein investment, you could make 2 of them and have fun switching up the color order!

If you'd rather do a 2 color shawl, I found this pattern on Ravelry by Martina Behm. Karnickle uses about 400 yards each of 2 colors in a sweet gradient - one color starts the shawl off in a double moss stitch for a bit of texture, then there is a region of garter stitch striping to transition to the second color, and then the last part of the shawl features a simple lace/eyelet pattern.

So with either shawl you'll find the stitches make it interesting to knit but it will be an easy to pick up and put down when needed.

Price per skein: $31.99/sk

Silky Yak, Naturally Dyed

Silky Yak, Naturally Dyed

logwood,cochenile, taupe, kiwi, khaki, madder

Silky Yak, Naturally Dyed

indigo, madder (again)

Silky Yak, Naturally Dyed

indigo, pine

Silky Yak, Naturally Dyed

kiwi, logwood, khaki


Silky Yak, Naturally Dyed