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Silk Mist Handpainted Kid Mohair

This 40% silk/60% kid mohair yarn is soft and lovely and handpainted by Sweet Georgia.

Each skein packs a whopping 325 yards.

Some customers love to knit this on its own for a very light and airy scarf, shawl, cowl, or even sweater. Others prefer to carry it along with a fine gauge wool or blend for a slightly heavier garment with more drape.

I've done both - I have a sweater that is knit with a kid/silk mohair alone and it is cozy and warm but feels like I'm wearing nothing! I'm also knitting a "swancho" right now that carries a kid mohair along with Pebble, by Shibui. This fabric has a little more weight and therefore, drape.

Yarns that are good to carry this kid mohair/silk (or either of the solid colored kid/silk mohairs I stock - Katia and Shibui) with are Pebble, Cima, Malabrigo Mechita, Malabrigo Sock, Sweet Georgia Sock, Rowan Felted Tweed, for a few ideas!

Price per 325 yd skein: $26.00

Silk Mist 40% silk/60% kid mohair

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