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Silk Garden by Noro -now including the Silk Garden Solos!

You could use this yarn for everything and never get bored. From the simplest and most classic designs by Jenny Watson or Debbie Bliss, to the inventive pattern support from the Eisauku Noro via the Noro Magazine or the Noro series of books, the results of knitting with this yarn are always different and endlessly pleasing. is not the softest yarn and the spinning can be a bit uneven, but the colors make it endlessly interesting to knit with if you are looking for different colors.

And now, with the addition of 11 intense solid colors, there is even more you can do with it! The short mosaic cowl shown below used 1 skein of a grey solid and 1 skein of a variegated in blues and greens. My sister knit this one up.

The newest model, the Herringbone Sweater, my sister knit using a solid and a variegated. The pattern is from the same Noro magazine that the Mosaic Cowls shown below are also in. I need to figure out how many skeins it took since I put the number of skeins the magazine said was needed for a 42"ish chest and my sister returned an awful lot of yarn, unused!

Before that.... I knit was this mosaic cowl. The pattern is in the latest Noro magazine and calls for silk garden lite. I just used the original Silk Garden and cut out 1 repeat (so cast on 12 less stitches) and my cowl came out the exact same 10" width as using silk garden lite. Because I like to work from a visual chart, rather than text, I translated the pattern into a chart for your ease and it will be sent along with the purchase of the yarn. It takes 2 sks each of 2 different colors for this double lengthThe chevron scarf shown below used 4 sks...2 each of 2 different colors and it is about 70" long and about 9" wide. I chose 2 colors from opposite sides of the color wheel for a bold look since I knew my sister was knitting 2 colors that were analagous - that way you can see both!

Silk Garden is 45% silk, 45% kid mohair and 10% lamb's wool. Knits at 4.5 sts/in on US 7-8. The wristlets shown far right take just 1 skein and the pattern is free with the yarn purchase....think quick knit gift idea!


Price: $11.99/sk 110 yds/sk


NLA next to the color number means it is no longer available.



84, 87

364, 417

267, 279


359, 437

301, 381 (NLA), 353 (NLA)

8, 373, 320

395, 369

346 (NLA), 360, 394

214 (NLA), 349, 282


421, 426, 412

423, 435

charcoal, teak, blue, olive, pewter

ochre, red, magenta, white

(look at the white actually has a lot of color in it and is almost a tweed)

I've got a lot more solids in stock now....jade, turquoise etc - check back 12/12 for more photos of those.