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Shibui Silk Cloud

This luscious yarn is a blend of 60% kid mohair and 40% silk. Lustrous and soft, it features a lot of yardage. Fabulous on its own or knit along with either Cima or Pebble, also by Shibui.

Featuring 330 yards in each skein, it is recommended knit at a gauge of 20 sts/4 in on US 7.

The store model I knit to show these Shibui yarns grades thru every possible combination of holding the 3 yarns together, 2 at a time. Each fabric is really nice, but the handsdown winners based on customer oohs and aahs is any combination that includes the Silk Cloud!

It is so soft and luscious. For a slightly tweed effect, hold 1 strand of Silk Cloud with 1 strand of Pebble. For a really lovely lightweight fabric that has a lovely bounce/elasticity, hold 1 strand of Cima with 1 strand of Cloud.

The orange poncho(?) below uses one strand of Silk Cloud and one strand of Cima. It is flattering on a range of shapes and sizes - open at the bottom like a poncho but with a ribbing at the cuff of each sleeve to hold fabric around your arms when you lift them, this garment is sort of a hybrid between a poncho and a sweater! The pattern is free with the yarn purchase. It is not an inexpensive garment to knit....($195)...but if you consider the Cost Per Wear (you will wear this so often, it will in the long run be a garment of less "cost per wear" than probably many another garment you have knit that was less out of pocket to begin with, but you didn't wear as much!)

A customer knit the rectangular wrap below using Silk Cloud, Cima and Pebble in a similar sort of gradient way. But her pattern carried one strand of Silk Cloud throughout and then she alternated blocks of stockinette stitch and reverse stockinette stitch using 1 strand of Silk Cloud with either 1 strand of Cima or 1 strand of Pebble in a rectangle and then joined the bound off end to the side of the rectangle.

And the gradient cowl I knit below can be knit with 1 skein each of 3 colors of Silk Cloud. I send the pattern free when 3 sks are ordered. It is an easy knit that is so cozy and soft to wear!

Each of these 2 strand combos yield a gauge of around 5-5.5 sts/inch on US 6-7 in my hands.

If you are looking for other colors in a silk-kid mohair blend, be sure to check out Debbie Bliss's Angel and Plymouth's Kid Gloss.

Yarn Price: $23.25/sk



brick, pollen, cove, suit, velvet

the photo above showing the 3 same colored skeins together is "cove" and is a better representation of the true teal than the "cove" in this photo which looks more green than it is (probably because it is sandwiched between the pollen and suit!)

imperial, blueprint

(pictured is both silk cloud on left and Cima, on right)

ivory, silver, tar, mineral