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Reed by Shibui Knits

This 100% linen has that great defined crispness that you expect from a linen. A lovely drape and soft hand. It is recommended knit at 26-28 sts/inch on a US 5. It can be combined with other Shibui yarns for a 5.5 st/inch gauge.

Featuring 246 yds yards per skein , the pattern shown below (Haven) uses 1 strand of Reed with 1 strand of Cima throughout (it takes 5 sks of each for a size 44.5 chest.

For a 100% linen that is hand dyed, check out Ollagua, by Araucania.

And for a 100% linen that features a gradient of colors, check out Soft Lino.

Price: $18.99/sk

Reed by Shibui Knits

fog, mineral, pollen, blueprint

ivory, ash, imperial


It is shown in Reed in the left hand skein above.


new for spring '19


These next 3 colors are just $12.44/skein - still 100% linen and similar gauge. Shibui switched mills/formula and so these three colors are not quite as soft.


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Twig by Shibui Knits

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