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Cima by Shibui Knits

This lovely springy merino yarn by Shibui knits is 70% baby alpaca/30% merino. It has a lovely twist (should be durable), soft hand and lots of spring!

Knit on a US 2 you might expect a gauge of about 7.5 sts/inch using a single strand, but there are lots of great projects designed for this yarn to be held together with either Silk Cloud or Pebbles, also by Shibui. There are some sweet patterns that use this with Lunar by Shibui, too,

You can see from the first photo below that these yarns are color coordinated so you can hold several together for an interesting fabric and larger gauge.

I knit a cowl for the store - Gradient shown below - which runs thru each possible combination; 2 strands of Cima together; 1 Cima with 1 Silk cloud; etc. Each combo is wonderful. With 2 strands of Pebble you get a lovely texture and tweed effect. The most popular combinations (based on customers exclamations and comments when they touch each) seem to be either Pebble or Cima with Silk Cloud! Although I love the Cima alone for a sweater - it has lots of spring and GREAT stitch definition.

A customer knit the rectangular wrap below using Silk Cloud, Cima and Pebble in a similar sort of gradient way. But her pattern carried one strand of Silk Cloud throughout and then she alternated blocks of stockinette stitch and reverse stockinette stitch using 1 strand of Silk Cloud with either 1 strand of Cima or 1 strand of Pebble in a rectangle and then joined the bound off end to the side of the rectangle.

The combination of 2 lighter strands together makes for a larger gauge - the Gradient cowl I knit was on US 6 and my gauge was about 5.5 sts/inch in seed stitch. But the fabric is light and has lots of drape.

Each skein has 328 yards.

Price: $14.99/sk



new color fall 2018

Cima shown far left


new color fall 2018

Cima shown far left


the newest color spring '18

Cima is the third over starting from the left and reading to the right.

imperial, blueprint

new colors spring 2017

available in both silk cloud and cima (shown right)

ivory, silver, charcoal, mineral


brick, pollen, cove, suit, velvet

the photo above showing the 3 same colored skeins together is "cove" and is a better representation of the true teal than the "cove" in this photo which looks more green than it is (probably because it is sandwiched between the pollen and suit!)