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Rustic Silk

This 100% silk yarn is spun from the wild type silk moth. It therefore has the lovely drape of silk, but is not a lustrous nor as soft as the bombyx silk. If you are interested in pure bombyx silk for its luster and softness, be sure to check out Juniper Moon's Aine.

This yarn is a great value and offers some lovely speckled/tweedy/heathery colors! REcommended knit at a sport gauge of around 6 sts/inch.

With a whopping 400+ yards per skein at just 24.99 it goes a long way.

The lovely vest shown is a great simple summer knit. Yes, there is a lace pattern to it, but once you get it established, you repeat the same pattern over and over again for some "take anywhere" knitting because it is essentially a rectangle knit sideways. So you don't have to worry about a lot of shaping directions - just bind off and cast back on again on the next row for the armholes and voila!

Vest pattern is free with 3 sks.

Yarn Price per skein: $24.99.



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(the company gave these names, but they made no sense to us, so for ease on the website, we have just numbered them in the order shown!)