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Regia Pairfect

This "Pairfect" line by Regia is designed by Arne and Carlos.

The idea here is that you can knit 2 identical socks with a pattern. That's what the yellow strand you see around each ball is - yellow is NOT a color in the sock, but the thread that guides you thru making two identical socks.

And what's neat about these 6 colors is that each one knits up quite a different pattern - so be sure to click on each photo to enlarge it so you can see the uniqueness to each design!

There is a sock pattern on the inside of the ball band that you SHOULD follow -even if you have a favorite sock pattern you should follow Arne and Carlos' pattern to get the 2 socks to match exactly. And it is also recommended that you watch the video support that Arne and Carlos provide you AND, of course, that you check your gauge!

Really, truly, if you don't check your gauge to get what Arne and Carlos have designed this yarn to work at, and you are knitting at a larger or smaller gauge, the pair may not come out exactly the same. Now they still will be very close, so it probably depends on just how much of a perfectionist you are! If you really want them to be EXACT, you need to be exacting yourself and take the time to check your gauge! Otherwise, go with the flow and know that the pattern design may be slightly off from one sock to the other - like maybe a stripe is one row lower on one sock than the other - but they will both still look great.

So as with any sock yarn designed to make two of the EXACT design .....the outcome is dependent on the knitter paying attention to achieving gauge and following the pattern as the ball band recommends.

That being said, the designs are fun and worth a bit of extra effort to achieve!

Price per ball: $17.99

Regia Pairfect

139, 93

138, 820

91, 135




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