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Rasta by Malabrigo

This 100% merino wool knits at a chunky gauge of 2-2.5 sts/inch on a US 13 - US 17. It is very soft and available in some wonderful colors. 90 yds per skein

I knit up and pulled out the skein used in the neckwarmer below, 2.5 times. First I knit up a neckwarmer in garter stitch that's been popular on Ravelry and it was too chunky, clunky and stiff, so I pulled the entire skein out and reknit it in stockinette (thinking that would make it less dense). That was still clunky, chunky and displeasing, so I ended up just doing my own neckwarmer...but not until I had a hat half knit out of the yarn. Anyway, the point is, that this yarn stood up really well to knitting and ripping and knitting, etc!

It took barely 1/2 skein to knit the headband shown below. You could either make it a lot wider, or, with 2 skeins, you could make 3 headbands! The pattern is sent free with the purchase of one skein.

Price: $22.00

p.s. just updating the page today (8/15/17) to shown the headband and realize that we have a lot more colors in stock than this so stop by to check them all out!

Malabrigo Rasta

laguna, coronilla, soriano, pagota

861, 868, 867, 23


queguay, purple mystery, boreal

877, 30, 884


azules, ravelry red, sunset, fuschia

856, 611, 96, 93


ochre, letttuce, porrinho, arco iris

35, 37, 864, 866

blueberry, costa, carousel, mejilon



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