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This aran weight gauge alpaca/wool yarn (4 sts/inch US 9-10) comes in a fun palette of colors and is super soft.

The special way this yarn is constructed means it is warm, cozy, and insulating and gives you an aran gauge but with a lot more yardage. For example, Homestead, another popular aran weight yarn has only 191 yards in the same 100 gms as Phullu, which gives you 284 yds! So your yarn goes a lot further.

I knit this swatch and rubbed it vigorously 100 times in both horizontal and vertical directions - so 200 times - against itself and it didn't pill. So while choosing a yarn that feels soft and cozy sometimes means that you are accepting some degree of pilling in order to knit with that "soft and cozy", that's not the case with Phullu!

Just finished this cowl - it was a challenge! Both because these are not colors I like and I usually work with odd numbers. But I used fibonacci numbers to come up with the stripe pattern and "pushed thru" knitting it. Which wasn't hard since the yarn is so DARN SOFT! The cowl (pattern free with yarn purchase) used just 118 gms or the 400 gms I opened. So there is enough to knit 2 more cowls and a hat, or one more cowl and 2 get the idea. Pick 4 colors you want to "play" with and you'll get 4 XMAS gifts out of it for others, a lovely knitting experience for yourself, and you'll definitely learn about color, striping, etc!

Each 100 gm skein has 284 yards.

Price per skein: $24.99


lake, amethyst, coral, almond, ochre

ivory, pebble, bayleaf, sage, russet

Paqu Pura