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Painted Desert Superwash

This soft wool is machine washable & dryable and features a long repeat in the color sequence, as you can see from the shawl. Very nice hand and drape. Each 100 gm ball has 437 yards and is recommended knit at 7.8-8 sts/inch (fingering weight) on a US 1-3.

But for a shawl as the ones shown here (patterns free with the yarn purchase), it can also be knit on a larger needle for a more open gauge (these shawsl are knit at about 5 sts/inch on US 6).

The simple triangular shawl shown in blue takes 1 skein and the shawl shown in earth tones, which has a lacy border and delicate cable in it and is larger, uses 2 balls.

Patterns sent free when you order the yarn.


Price: $ 14.99


25, 22, 26



12, 16, 4

15, 17, 11

24, 20


3, 5, 6, 6 (6 is out of stock, temporarily)

2, 9, 9, 10 (is out of stock), 7


and yes, I did duplicate certain colors....hadn't had my coffee yet!

This shows you tho', how each ball has many colors in the repeat and not all the colors are wrapped on the outside of every ball.

Solid Color