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Nuna by Mirasol

This gorgeous blend of silk, merino and bamboo comes in a gorgeous array of colors.

It knits at 6 sts/inch on a US 5 needle and each skein offers 191 yards. And if you're crocheting instead, the rec gauge is 4-5 sc in an inch on an E4-7 hook.

Like my other recent Mirasol introduction Unima, this yarn offers a vibrant palette that will keep the sometimes "gloomy" overcast weather of a northern winter from getting even those with seasonal affect down! And with some lovely pastels, this yarn takes us thru the spring and summer knitting too.

The shawl pattern shown left below has been a popular hit and gives you lots of opportunity to play with colors. The cowl shown in color 1052 took 2 skeins and is a free Ravelry pattern that is easy to knit and shows the lovely drape of this yarn off nicely (Copilot, I believe is the name of it).

Price per skein: $14.99

Nuna by Mirasol

56, 60, 1052, 86, 1032, 84

12, 64, 49, 45, 75

1062, 80, lapis, 83, 82, 1002

12, 64, 44, 1002


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