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Uchiwa by Noro

This lovely 50% cotton/20% silk/30% viscose is the newest Noro for spring 2022.

It features 547 yds yards per ball.

It is recommended by the manufacturer to be knit at 4.5 - 5 sts/inch on a US 6-7 needle.

The summer top shown in the right sidebar is a pattern from the latest Noro Magazine (available at the shop). And the shawl shown below it is Dotted Rays, by Stephen West. The shawl took just 1 ball of Uchiwa.

For some other cotton blend yarns by Noro, check out Akari , Kakigori and Sonata! They can get confusing, but here's the quick and dirty about Noro cotton blends:

* if you want a solid color, go with Sonata

* If you want all cotton/cellulosic and no animal at all, go with Uchiwa or Kakigori. And Kakigori will be a bit lighter weight (660 yds/ball vs. 547)

* If you want a 4.5 st/inch and are OK with a bit of mohair in the blend, go with Akari!

Price Per Uchiwa Ball: $44.99

Uchiwa by Noro


10, 4, 2

1, 9, 6

11, 7


Be sure to click on the photo to enlarge it for a better view of the colors!

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