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Sonata by Noro

This popular summer yarn is a blend of cotton, silk, nylon and knits at 5.5 - 6 ts/inch.

The richly saturated and heathery (be sure to click on the photos to look at the enlarged picture) colors give you a wide range of fun spring brights, lovely neutrals and the warm gold, rust and tangerine that cross over seasons!

Featuring 393 yards per skein, it will go a long way toward a summer top - just 3 skeins for a sleeveless or shortsleeved top.

The first photo shows Sonata knit up in a shawl using the Pantone colors for the year. The second photo shows a closeup of the color "navy" (taken with a flash so it is lighter in this photo than it truly is) knit up in garter stitch.

The Tee shown last photo is knit in "navy".

Other popular "summery" cotton and/or silk blend yarns by Noro which have some of the more traditional "Noro" color variations, are both Akari and Kakigori

Price : $21.99

Sonata by Noro

22, 26

new as of 11/21

color 19

new color for spring '21

5, 6, 7, 18

12, 13, 20, 17

24, 10, 8, 9

1, 15, 11, 21, 3, 4


Sonata by Noro


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