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Kureyon Air by Noro

This is the only "chunky" gauge Noro I stock at this time. It is 100% wool and features the usual fun color gradients of the original worsted weight Kureyon.

As some of you know, Eisaku Noro has been adding a lot more merino into his wool mix in the last two years to soften this yarn - so if you haven't tried it in a while, maybe this is a good time to try it again for some quick holiday knits!

This cowl uses 1 skein of the Kureyon Air along with 1 skein of Silk Garden Sock Solo and I will send you the pattern free (you can also find the pattern in the latest Noro magazine). I just knit the blue/grey version and I actually stopped before using up all the yarn (time to move onto the next store model!).

With the purchase of 1 skein each of Silk Garden Sock and Kureyon air, you could actually make 2 thinner cowls if your taste is for narrower cowls. I like mine thick, but this one is quite wide and that's also why I stopped short of finishing both yarns. So if you prefer narrower you could make 2 from 1 skein of each yarn.

2 - 3 sts/inch; 110 yards per skein

Price : $17.99

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