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Huanui by Noro

This 100% wool yarn is completely unique! If you're struggling with how to pronounce this word, as I did, here's some help - hoo-noo-ee (or who-new-ee). This means "place of the winds".

All the fiber used in the yarn is spun from the flock at one particular farm in New Zealand. This farm, Taranui, has specifically bred their flock to maintain the natural dark colors (mostly black, brown and grey), which is what most ancient sheep breeds were until they were bred to be white to suit the commercial wool industry!

Anyway, this flock of "halfbreeds" is a fusion of Romney-Merino; the Romney gives the fiber strength and length while the merino lends it spring and softness. The micron count is on the order of 22 - 24 (for reference the average merino is 21.5 micron, extrafine and superfine merino are 18 or 19 micron and cashmere is usually 15 micron or less)

This yarn has a lovely hand and great stitch definition as shown in the swatches displayed in the right sidebar. Stop by the shop to feel the hat and mittens for yourself if you live nearby. They are lovely and soft.

Last winter's Noro Magazine features a couple of great sweater patterns supporting this yarn - see right sidebar. The gansey style sweater takes 3 balls for up to 48" chest and 4 for up to 54" chest while the yoked two color sweater uses 3 MC and 1 contrast or 4 MC and 1 contrast for similar chest sizes.

We knit the basic hat and mittens shown in the right sidebar using 1 ball.

For fall 2022, there are three new colors (all with a bit of grey - so more taupe than brown ) to give you more options for colorwork.

Figure around 4 -5 sts/inch US 8/9. Each ball has 440 yds.

Price Per Giant Ball: $39.99

Haunui by Noro

reading left to right and top row first:

3, 2

4, 5, 1


7, 8, 10