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NFAC Merino

A perfect choice for some of the projects in the newest Knitting Traditions magazine that hit the shelves in February. And when Nancy Bush was here this past weekend to run workshops on Estonian Lace and Estonian Mittens, if she said once that she loved this yarn, she said it a dozen times! And here is a quote from a customer who used this yarn for the lace workshop on Saturday.....

"it was perfect for the lace shawl, very soft but with good stitch definition and it never split once even during the pesky multi-stitch nupp operation."

This yarn is 100% merino so it is soft, but has a nice twist so it will wear well. I've dyed it up into about 48 color, so far (I have about 60 pounds still to dye). Since I dye this yarn for colorwork....not to knit complete sweaters of a single color.....I have lots of colors but only 8-16 sks of a color on hand at any one time. So, IF YOU ARE THINKING OF ORDERING MORE THAN 6 sks of a particular color, you should call the store to see if we even have it.

I wish you could feel this has a great hand and the surface when knit up almost looks like velvet because of the way the dyes are blended to produce the colors. It is kettle dyed (there is tonal variation within a skein so don't order it if you are expecting it to be even like commercially dyed yarns).

For another 7 sts/inch yarn, check out the New England Shetland here. And for other suggestions about yarns that could work for some of the projects in the Knitting Traditions, check out this page.

140 yards/skein. Price: $6.99



caramel, maple syrup,butter, pumpkin, tangerine, papaya, rudbeckia



aquafor, lake, river, periwinkle, midnight, amethyst



old gold, celery, pea soup, jungle green, granny smith, pine, spruce


honeysuckle, begonia, strawberry, ruby, raspberry, orchid, merlot, plum



cotton candy, rose, lilac, persimmon, watermelon

rudbeckia, honeysuckle, watermelon, rose, granny smith, aqua


these are all muted shades....

wheat, dusty rose, dusty aqua, clematis, NA, NA, sage



taupe (no longer available), silver, pewter, charcoal



black walnut, mahogany, oak, teak, toffee,latte