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Merino Gradients

Each package of lovely gradients features 5 skeins of merino wool dyed and packaged to provide you a lovely color gradient to work with. Each package has a total of 430 yards (86 yds/sk). Some gradients are thru different shades of one color and others feature analagous colors on the wheel.

If you want/need a large skein of a contrasting color to work with this superwash merino for some of the lovely gradient shawls that are out there on Ravelry,, the NFAC Kettle Dyed merino yarn is the same gauge, merino, ply, etc. so is a great match with these.

If you are looking for a gradient at a finer gauge, then the NFAC Merino offers a lot of options for gradients at 7 sts/inch.

The gradient kits feature a machine washable merino wool that knits at 5.5 - 6 sts/inch. The cowl shown below took HALF of one of these kits - my sister knit up a pair of fingerless mitts with the other half of the kit after the cowl was done!

So for under $40 you could get a cowl and either a hat or fingerless mitts! What a buy....and fun to knit as well.

Price: $36.50



jewel tones









Lime Greens

fall foliage

Periwinkle Sky



Royal Purple

This group just doesn't photograph - every time I take it they all look the same blue. In or out of the plastic wrap!

the darkest is purple-a deeply saturated blueviolet and then it transitions thru several deep shades of royal to a periwinkle

it is all much deeper and more saturaged than the Periwinkle Sky to the left!