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Maxima by Manos

This 100% merino yarn is very soft. Available in some lovely "tonal" (lights and darks of one color) as well as "variegated" (multiple colors) colorways.

The merino is "extrafine" merino, so it is especiallly soft, even for merino. Each sk features 218 yds and is recommended at 4.5 - 5 sts/inch.

Some fun "neons" available for accents as well as some nice colors for garments.I knit the wrist warmers shown below along with a headband in the same travelling stitch pattern AND another headband....all from 1 skein!

I knit Sally Melville's pattern, L'envelope, shown left using 3 sks Maxima and ,and the cowl shown middle (pattern free with yarn purchase) took just 2 sks. Just 1 skein knit up both of the headbands below and a pair of wristlets!

This yarn is similar in gauge and colors/tonal dye as Malabrigo worsted, but it doesn't pill nearly so much! So yes, it is a bit more expensive but this is a true case where you get what you pay for. I had too many customers knit the Malabrigo worsted and be disappointed in how quickly it pilled on them so now I stock this yarn.

Price: $16.99


beehive, nantucket, camo, ultramarine

melaway mints, agua, fresh water

chrysanthemum, tigerlily, peach melba, fruits del mar

helium, white



chocolate, kohl, black

ion, larkspur, blueberry, teal

fern, leo

oxygen, shocking, coral, prince

carmine, mahogany, cherrywood, concord

petal pink