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Manos Fino

This 70% merino/30% silk yarn is lovely and soft and available in a gentle range of exquisite colors. Recommended knit at anywhere from 6 - 7 sts/inch and each hank packs a whopping 490 yds.

Each skein has beautifully subtle changes and tonality to it-you really need to click the photos to enlarge them and see the lovely details!

I knit this shawl - which is a Juniper Moon pattern we have available for sale - with just 2 skein. The subtle shading of colors is gorgeous and only wish I had the photography skills and camera to catch it!

I also offer packs of Fino mini skeins.


Price: $29.99



rosewater, havisham, boudoir

ivory, watered silk, silver, mourning

my apologies - this photo is lousy but has to wait to be replaced until next week (2/14/17)

pincushion, filigree

this green is much more sage than chartreuse in reality and the filigree is more gold/ochre than bright yellow!

I should never have photographed them together!!

delft, opal