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Malabrigo Sock

You can't beat the Malabrigo colors.

Spun to a typical sock weight, this 100% merino wool yarn (please note that it has no nylon in it) is plied to provide more durability suited to that needed for socks. But don't let the yarn's name pigeon hole it for socks! It is great for shawls, wristlets and scarves too.

And if you aren't discouraged by the idea of knitting a sweater at this gauge, what a great yarn for a fine knit sweater!

A lot of customers have used it, in conjunction with Mechita, for the Find Your Fade shawl - my version of it shown below.

We also stock the Rios worsted, Mecha bulky, Rasta chunky and Arroyo, and Mechita which you can access thru the "Other Malabrigo Yarns" link above.

440 yards/skein

Price: $19.25/sk

Malabrigo Sock



chamaleon, impressionist sky, alice, kris




whales road (NA), dewberry


cereza, marte, boticelli, cirrus, plomo, solis




flavia, land of oz, ochre, sneezy, aladdin, swamp, eggplant


gingy, jasmine


fortaleza, pearl


lights of love, terracotta, ochre


polar morn, aquas (NA), indonesia, sabiduria, aniversario


cian, caribeno (NA), matisse

diana, indicieta, ivy (NA), piedras, rayon vert

matisse, cote d'azure




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