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Malabrigo Rios

This 100% merino wool yarn is machine washable. It knits between 4.5 - 5 sts/inch on a 7-8 needle.

Featuring the lovely Malabrigo colors but in a plied yarn that will wear well and not pill (in case you experienced the worsted Malabrigo and were disappointed in how it pilled so quickly).

The hat shown below uses just 1 skein. The pattern is sent free with the yarn purchase. What I love about this pattern is that you can double over the brim if you want extra warmth around the ears and you have a close fitting toque - OR - you can not double the ribbed brim and wear it back on the forehead for a slouch. The pattern is easy to knit and once established, you can just look to the row below to see what you need to do next so no need to keep the pattern in front of you and count row by row!

If you're looking for a lighter weight, we also stock Malabrigo Arroyo (d.k.) and Mecha (3-3.5 /inch) and Rasta (2/inch) and Malabrigo Sock - which is really a sock weight, but has no nylon. And finally, Mechita.

230 yards/skein

Price: $15.99/sk

Malabrigo Rios

Eucalyptus, Dunas, Cowboy



654, 655, 651, 647, 653


cian, apple, sabiduria, sunset, frank ochre, cereza



hojas and apple

both Chris and I love this color combo!


valentina, gris, niebla

primavera, tranquilo, nimbus

yerba, fog, cirrus gray, playa


almond blossom, cosmos, aquamarine

Malabrigo Rios

green apple, arco iris, diana

Malabrigo Rios

vaa, aguas, indecita, plomo, NA

Malabrigo Rios

piedras, queguay, archangel

Malabrigo Rios


Malabrigo Rios

sabridura, candombe, whales road

azules, ivy, vulcan, jupiter

Malabrigo Rios

glitter, marte, lavanda

Malabrigo Rios

english rose, reflecting pool, water green, lotus

Malabrigo Rios

purple mystery, matisse blue, cereza, hojas

hollyhock, aniversario, cumparista, blue jeans


NA = not available

Malabrigo Rios