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Rasta by Malabrigo

Updated 6/15/22

This 100% merino wool knits at a chunky gauge of 2-2.5 sts/inch on a US 13 - US 17. It is very soft and available in some wonderful colors. 90 yds per skein

I knit up each of the cowls shown below using less than 1 skein - I like the depth and circumference of tthese, but since there was yarn leftover, it means that you could knit the cowl deeper or add on more stitches and add another 1-2 repeats of the pattern to make the cowls wider if you don't like to wear a cowl as close to the neck as I do. The benefit of this circumference, to me, is that it is not tight on the neck, but keeps the wind out without the bulk of having it all bunched up under your coat. I forget to wear a hat and my ears are cold out walking Winnie, then I can pull this size cowl up over my ears and it stays in place like a hat. But you'll have more yarn to adjust the pattern to suit your taste.

The patterns are free with the yarn purchase.

The hat shown in the right sidebar is a pattern from Ravelry (Perky Little Hat by Sharon Lentsch). There is still plenty of yarn left to either make a generously full pom pom, OR, you should be able to purchase 2 sks of Rasta and make 3 hats: 2 hats will be of one color each and then with the leftover from the first two hats, you will have yarn to knit a bi-color hat!

It took barely 1/2 skein to knit the headband shown below. You could either make it a lot wider, or, with 2 skeins, you could make 3 headbands!

Price: $22.99

Rasta by Malabrigo

diana, archangel, sabiduria, violeta,

baya electrica

lettuce, cucumber, porrinho

carrot, rav red, matisse blue, lettuce

169, 174, 167

pagoda, azul profundo, azules, teal feather

cape cod grey

NA = no longer available