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This 34% hemp-41% cotton-25% viscose yarn from Elsebeth Lavold features a whoppping 163 yds/sk and knits at 5.5- 6 sts/in on US 4. It has a lovely drape and lightness that makes it great for a summer top.

It is also available in a "prints" version if you're looking for something variegated - check here.

The models shown below, like all Lavold's patterns, have lovely details and interesting design features(be sure to click on the photos for a closer look). This year's model (far right) I knit in one of the new colors for this year, 50, and it may look a bit bold in the photo, but it is really smashing with a pair of white jeans or capris. This top took 5 sks (7 for up to 42" chest) and there are instructions for a 3/4 sleeve version as well. The pattern book (Sublime pattern book) is 50% off when you purchase the hempathy to knit this top. The book which has the pattern for the drape necked sleeveless below (shown in poppy, below) can be purchased below.

Where the colors may be difficult to discern from their neighbor, I have added names to try to help differentiate them. Several great pattern books support this yarn. Price: $7.99/sk

65, 55, 50, 51

new colors '14

this new green (65) is more yellow than the "lime" from last year and the red this year (50) is more of an orange red compared to red (30) shown below which is a more blue red

40 (low stock), 17, 08, 28

12 (deep purple), 45 (dark navy),

41 (denim)

14 (gold)-low stock, 15 ([pumpkin)-low stock, 36(salmon), 30 (red)


38, 46 (periwinkle), 32 (turquoise)

black, 04 (natural)


65 (bright white), 04 (natural)

lime, jade

magenta, pink

new colors '13

the "jade" is brighter than color 08 above,middle photo