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Lana d'Oro - Discontinued, so available only as supply lasts!

This 50 -50 wool and alpaca yarn by Cascade has a lovely hand and features some of the popular heathers eveyone likes in the Cascade 220. With 219 yds in a skein, it is a great value. It knits at 5 sts/inch on a US 7. The closeup (in red) shown below is Lana d'oro knit up in an Alice Starmore pattern from more than 8 years ago. I wear it often so you can blow the picture up to see both how it shows off a stitch design as well as how well it wears over time. There is a bit of pilling, but given it's age and wear, I consider it in pretty good shape! The purple sweater shown right is hot off the needles. The pattern is a free download and features a lovely cable design in front and a flattering ribbed back - be sure to blow up the pictures for a better look (I have trouble photographing dark colors well!). This 42" chest took 8 sks.

A couple of the photos below (indicated with bold face print in them) look grey, but if you click on the photo to enlarge these, you'll see that they are actually beautiful purples and just need to enlarge the photos to get a good view. To help identify the colors, I've used descriptors rather than or in addition to, numbers.

Price per skein: $11.99


taupe and white (ecru) available,

tho' the p[icture is missing

na, na, 1114, 1106, 1059, NA

sage, pistachio, lime, olive, bronze, pine green

na, na,1058, 1090, 1065

na = not available, then,

red, tamarind and wheat

1061, 1114

na, na, na, 1117


NA, 1049, 1050, 1055