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Lamb's Pride Bulky

Lamb's Pride bulky is 85% wool and 15% mohair and knits at 3 sts/in on a US 10.5 - 11. It's an all-time favorite for felting hats, bags, clogs and slippers. If you're interested in a lighter weight version, check out Lamb's Pride Worsted.

11/15 - A web order today made me realize that we are out of the variegateds so when updating the photos to reflect that, I noticed that I'd never increased the price after the last two price increases! So if you looked at this page yesterday and then again today and are shocked by the $1.30 price increase, it's because I was so lax in updating this page!

125 yds/sk

Price: $13.20/sk .

Lamb's Pride Bulky

Lambs Pride Bulky

rooster red

cream and onyx black, not pictured but available

Lambs Pride Bulky

grey heather, charcoal heather, sable, brown variegated

Lambs Pride Bulky

autumn harvest, sun yellow, sungold

Lambs Pride Bulky

limeade, kiwi, fresh moss


Glacier, Persian Peacock, Willow


Navy, Blue Flannel, NA

(this photo is of worsted weight, but we have Navy Sailor and Blue Flannel in Bulky as well)

NA = not available

Lambs Pride Bulky

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