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Jo Sharp Kid Lustre

This classic and elegant yarn got lots of oohs and aahs at the Yarn Tasting here in December.

A lovely blend of alpaca, kid mohair and merino, Kid Lustre has a lovely hand and drape because of the alpaca and kid mohair but also has the resiliency/elasticity that you'd want for a garment because of the merino wool content.

Each 50 gm ball features 121 yards, as you'd expect from a d.k. yarn recommended at 5.5 sts/inch.

While a small color range, there are some really elegant classics as well as a few hip, European pops to choose from!

If you're interested in a v neck pullover with a little color work, the swatch I show below is the bottom part of a sweater I'm knitting from Louisa Harding's book of sweaters, and if you're more inclined to knit a solid sweater, these classic cardigans and pullover patterns are for this yarn and available at the shop.

Price: $11.65/sk


cork, cassus

verona blue, carbon

citronella, elderberry green,


dusty lilac, cream

p.s. if you're looking at their website, they call dusty lilac "cork", but since the photo made it look greyer than it is, I wanted the name to help convey the undertone of lilac, so I renamed it. Otherwise the names I used are the company's.