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KFI Sock

This popular sock yarn is 70% extrafine merino, 25% polyamide and 5% cashmere (unbelievably soft).

It knits at a slightly heavier gauge than the typical sock yarn - so it's great if you're just starting out and want your sock to go a little quicker - yet is still thin enough to fit into a shoe. (If you want a boot weight sock yarn, check out Raggen).

This yarn is Rrecommended at 5.5-6 sts/inch on a US 3-4 needle. While it might be ok at 5.5 sts/inch if you are knitting a baby sweater (and 1 skein will do a great baby sweater!), for a sock, you'll want to keep it at a tighter 6 or 6.5 st/inch gauge.

This is the softest line of sock yarn I've seen.The adorable baby car seat snuggly took just 1 skein (there was a bit leftover, but probably not quite enough to knit the edging, so my sister used up some left over Bliss Baby Cashmerino she had as an accent). It is so soft and sweet. I photographed the model by the pattern so you could see how it works to snuggle the baby in like a coccoon - I had no baby to photograph it on and was afraid that the flat photo didn't do the garment justice. I have the pattern available for purchase at the shop.

These are 100 gm balls so 1 ball/pair of socks....incredibly soft!!Features 437 yards

Price per ball: $24.95

KFI Sock

KFI Sock

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KFI Sock

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KFI Sock

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