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Kathmandu Aran

I stocked this yarn over a decade ago in both aran and dk weights.

It was hugely popular and then there was a disruption in the designer-mill-distributor relationship and so I'm just now bringing it back since that seems to be sorted out and the supply, as covid-era goes, seems pretty available!

It just started arriving this week so I don't have a new garment knit from it. HOWEVER, we started a cable hat and that WIP is shown in the first picture in the right side bar. Also in the right side bar are pics of a sweater I knit using this yarn well over a decade ago (and that I live in with my sweats at least 3 nights a week!!) and I took a picture of the area on the body under the arm and also of the cuff so you could see how well it has worn. I wore it in the shop with nice clothes for several years and then because I do have a steady supply of "new" sweaters, relegated this one to my "favs" shelf in the armoire and so I live in it "after hours"! So you can see that it wears well - minimal pilling given how much I wear it.

Chris, who knit the cable hat between customers this week, loves how soft the yarn feels to work with. You can see how well the cable shows. The pattern is sent free with the yarn purchase. There is enough yarn left over that you could make a yarn pom pom too. And the hat is deep enough that you can either double up the brim or wear it as a slouch hat if you have a lot of hair!

Off white, which is not shown below, is also in stock. I'll update that photo next week! (today is 2/8)

It is 85% wool, 10% silk and 5% cashmere and each skein offers 208 yards.

It is recommended knit at 4-4.5 sts/inch on a US 8-9

Price: $24.99/sk



Kathmandu Aran

24, 41, 29, 11, 45, 37

10, grey