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Freia Ombre Shawl Balls-on progressive clearance in February!

Each "wheel" of 100% merino yarn is dyed in a gradient of 3-4 colors - each in a very long stretch for a gradual/long gradient. Each "wheel" (it is already in a center pull skein so you don't have to wind it yourself!) features 430 yards!

This fingering weight yarn is soft and lovely to knit with. I've swatched it on several needles sizes and stitches while trying to narrow down the pattern choices!

While one "wheel" can knit a small shawl or large scarf, it can also be fun to combine 2 wheels of different colors for a larger project. For example, "ice" with "tijuana teal" or "lichen" and "oro azteca", "vamp" and "chochonelle"!

My photographs show 2 each of a color, stacked, so you can see that they are wound conversely. For example, in the first box, the first "wheel" in both the top and lower rows are both the same color "ice". So hidden a bit by the label on the top row, is the dark blue color that you see so well on the outside of the bottom row's wheel. And conversely, the white that you see on the outside of the "wheel" of ice pictured on the top row is tucked tightly wound on the inside of the bottom "ice", but covered by the tag.

I photographed 2 each of a color so you could fully see the range that is within each skein/wheel....except on the top row, where the colors were distinct (and new for '17) so I didn't bother to do that!

The left most shawl below, which took 1 Friea Ombre Shawl Ball, was knit on US 8 needle in garter stitch. It is a Ravelry pattern called Dangling Conversations by Mindy Ross. The shawl on the left was also knit using 1 Shawl Ball - also a pattern from Ravelry (the name and designer of which I'll need to look up for next week) but we chose it to also knit to show you the huge range of possibilities you can achieve with these yarns depending on how you choose to knit from the ball. The right hand shaw was knit alternating every 4 rows with the strand from the outside and the strand from the inside. It is started at the tip so you can see that the biggest contrast (on this color, anyway) was knit first and as the two ends merged toward the center of the ball, the fatter end of the shawl becomes closer in value. Two totally different looks depending on how you take the yarn from the ball!

Price: $38.50 per shawl ball now 35% off and just $24.03ball!!

NA - not available/already sold out.

Freia Ombre Shawl Balls

quartz, south beach

flame, vertigo

neon, xenon (NA)

Freia Ombre Shawl Balls

tijuana tea (NA), oro azteca, aloha (NA)

Freia Ombre Shawl Balls

ice, nautilus (NA), lichen

Freia Ombre Shawl Balls

river (NLA), autumn rose, grapevine

Freia Ombre Shawl Balls