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Fair Cotton Organic Project Balls

These intriguing new "project balls" are computer dyed so that if you follow the FREE pattern that is included with the project ball, the baby afghan you get has this lovely assymetric stripe pattern on the edge. Makes you look like a professional!

Each 200 gm ball has 678 yards. Big range of needle sizes works - US 2 - 5, depending on what you are knitting and the stitch you choose

Great choice for a top down kids sweater with a built=in yoke design! Or for knitting a little summer dress with a colorful bottom edge!

Price: $39.95



500. 502

be sure to click on the photo so you can see the colors. 502 is shown knit in the afghan pictured above.

the colors of color 500 are:

blue, mustard, rust, salmon, green and brown