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Ella Rae - Baby Cashmerino Solids

This machine washable cashmere, merino wool & microfiber yarn is now being made under the ER label since Debbie Bliss went under. It is the same mill, same fiber content, same twist, same colors since the ownership of the actual yarn never belonged to Debbie anyway - it was the right of the distributor, KFI.

So this yarn is still available but is now under a different label.

This machine washable cashmere, merino wool & microfiber yarn knits at 6 sts/inch and produces a beautifully soft fabric-perfect for baby knits but also great for adults sweaters.

137 yds/ball.


Cashmerino Baby

38, 40, 41

77, 42, 35


7, 14, 28, yellow

2, 3, 4, 12, 13


marine, abyss, blue, teal, malachite

orange, red, purple, lavendar, dusk



Please note that the color names I use here I just made up to describe the color seen - they DO NOT MATCH whatever name (if any) Knitting Fever (or somebody else's website) has given them.

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