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Elemental Shetland

This 100% Shetland sheep wool is 100% North American sourced, processed and dyed.

Each 1 oz sk features 118 yards. It is recommended knit on a US 1-3 at a gauge of 28-32 sts/inch.

Great for colorwork - check back next week for some swatches!

If you're interested in a slightly heavier (6 st/inch) 100% Vermont Shetland wool in natural colors, be sure to check out our exclusive VT Shetland.

Price: $6.90

Elemental Shetland

cranberry, ciel, ochre, red, plum

berry, dusty red, tropical red, deep garnet, merlot, scarlet

sandlewood, cinnamon, red bark, pumpkin spice, burnt orange

NA, baltic blue, aegean, ocean waves, agave, dark midnight blue

NA is not available

purple, dark purple, dark violet, violet

baltic blue, dark periwinkle, purple

These three area all very dusky and can be seen also paired with their color family.

pink, pretty pink, musket, emsket, black

seafoam, light denim, lilac, rose

white, mioget, fawn, moorti

bronze, dark forest moss, forest moss, lichen, lime juice


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