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Ella Rae - Baby Cashmerino Solids

This machine washable cashmere, merino wool & microfiber yarn is now being made under the ER label since Debbie Bliss went under. It is the same mill, same fiber content, same twist, same colors since the ownership of the actual yarn never belonged to Debbie anyway - it was the right of the distributor, KFI.

So this yarn is still available but is now under a different label. During the transition, I will have some colors with the Bliss Label and others with the ER label.

This machine washable cashmere, merino wool & microfiber yarn knits at 6 sts/inch and produces a beautifully soft fabric-perfect for baby knits but also great for adults sweaters.

And you can purchase what we have left of Cashmerino Baby Tonals. They are $1 more per skein but offer you the option of a tonal variation in color. These are not being continued under the Ella Rae label, so only while supply lasts.

Most of the colors are clearer when you click on the photo for a larger image, so be sure to do so!

Nota Bene: as you have heard, Debbie Bliss yarns are no longer. HOWEVER, the Cashmerino that she has been selling under her label was actually a KFI yarn that they let her market under her label, so Baby Cashmerino still exists. So during this transition, some of my skeins will still have the Debbie Bliss Baby Cash label while as new re-stocks arrive, the new labels will be under the Ella Rae label. is the same yarn, just a new label. You could think of it as Debbie Bliss "borrowing or leasing" the rights to this yarn from KFI and now that she is no longer, they are labelling under the Ella Rae brand.

Same great yarn and same price!

137 yds/ball.


Cashmerino Baby

101, 304, 102
305, 600, 307
18, 001, 601

64, 308, 96
313, 009, 26

309, 315, 98

207, 311, 314
11, 300

002, 310, 78
70, 95

59, 700, 316, 312


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