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Lace Weight Yarns

Cuzco Alpaca Lace

Each 75 gm skein of this lovely lace weight alpaca-silk yarn features 495 yards and a feel to the touch that is divine!

So soft and is absolutely heavenly in the hands and has a gorgeous lustre. I kettle dyed this so there is some tonal variation in each skein to make for an even richer fabric.

I know not everyone wants to knit with "laceweight" yarn, so I am working up a pattern holding 2 strands at a time and grading thru a few colors for a quicker knit and a gradation of color that makes for an interesting piece. Check back after the holidays to see what I come up with (a few other projects in the queue ahead of this!).

I wish my photographic skills/camera would do it justice....these colors are luminous.

Price: $24.99



teak, gray, moss, cobalt


tangerine,kiwi, teal

kiwi and moss may look similar in the photos, but kiwi is more intense, lighter, brighter and more chartreuse and moss is more subdued and deeper/darker