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Cumbria Fingering

This yarn from The Fiber Co is a 90% wool (merino and masham) - 10% mohair blend. Long stapled and with a nice tight ply, you can expect this yarn to wear well. And the it of mohair is not enough that you need to worry about it "haloing", but it gives the yarn a bit of lustre and a nice density for a crisp stitch definition and silky feel. So you can't feel the silkiness of the swatch below, but it shows off the stitch definition beautifully!

So what's a Masham sheep? It is a crossbreed from northern England that features may of the characteristics of the English Longwool breeds of sheep - long length and luster. It typically comes from crossing a Teeswater ram with either a Dalesbred, Swaledale or Rough Fell ewe).

The Masham fleece used in this yarn blend confers an "earthy, brownish" undertone to the lovely dyed colors and the mohair gives is a lovely hand...but without the brushed/hairy appearance you may think of with straight mohairs.

This fingering is an offshoot of the popular worsted version that came out a couple of years ago.

328 yds/skein and recommended knit at 7 sts/inch sts/inch

A couple more colors are expected shortly (purple, forest green).

Price: $21.99/sk

Cumbria Fingering

hollyberry, isel,. white heather

Appleby REd

coniston, yew tree

Castlerigg (dusty lavendar), Hadrian's Wall (battleship gray), Derwentwater (navy), Eden Valley (dark teal), Windermere (light teal)


Scaffel Pike (oatmeal), Buttermere (pretty bright citrine yellow), Helvellyn (kiwi), Catbells (orange spice)


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