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This worsted gauge (4.5 sts/inch on US 8 as in swatch shown in right sidebar) yarn is 100% cotton yarn that features a whopping 179 yds/ball.

It is a "blown in" yarn, which results in a very soft and light fabric which is why you get such great yardage at this bigger gauge for a cotton!

Technically, this yarn label says to handwash. But after doing my 100 vigorous rubs in both stitch and row direction to test for pilling (it did not), I machine washed with Arm & Hammer with Oxiclean and then popped it in the drier. It did not shrink, shrivel, lose color or in any other way be harmed by the experience.

A few more colors are expected-a few soft pastels.

There are two different greens shown below even if in the small thumbnails they look similar. The one I show with the blues is actually quite intense chartreuse while with the off whites and sunshine I grouped a more sage green - be sure to enlarge the photos to discriminate between them!

Price per ball: $14.99



chartreuse, royal, turquoise

nut, silver, black

sage, sunshine

bright white, ecru

I photographed this shot for those of you looking for the Ukraine flag colors = some seem to seek out a more turquoise blue and others a blue that is more royal. So here are both options!

royal, sunshine, turquoise






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