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Cottons, Tencel, Hemp, Linen, Bamboo, soy, corn and sugar viscose!


Since it's Vermont and not many knit with cotton up here, I don't stock many thru the winter!

more colors may be available than you see here, so be sure to click on the link to the page to see the full range of any of these yarns.


Luma by Fiber Co

Cotton Blend - 5.5/inch

new spring 2017!


Lavold's Hempathy Prints

new spring 2017!



ITO Gimma Cotton

Isager Quartet and Bomuld

Juniper Moon's Zooey Cotton/Linen


Meadow by Fiber Co


Linaza by Plymouth


bliss baby eco

Debbie Bliss

Eco-Baby and


Eco Baby Prints are on the same page





Blue Heron Organic Cotton - handpainted

Bio-Sesia Organic Cotton

7 sts/inch

BioBimbo Organic Cotton

same great yarn and gauge as Bio-Sesia, but with long repeats

7 sts/inch



6 sts/inch

limited quantities kept thru the winter