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Imperial Ranch Columbia

This all American made yarn is spun from 100% Columbia sheep's wool. The Columbia breed was developed in the US by crossing a Rambouillet (a breed as fine as many merino) with Lincoln (a breed known to produce lengthy and lustrous fleece) with the intent of creating a breed that would be dual purpose (meat and fiber) and do well in our northern ranges.

So Imperial Ranch in Idaho raises the Columbia sheep themselves. They have equipment right there to gently clean and spin (true woolen style) the yarn and they dye it there as well. And, they have some great pattern support to boot!

The argyle cowl is knit with the worsted. It's an easy knit since it doesn't require bobbins at all and it is very thick and warm! And I have enough left of the 2 colors that I can knit the Circles Hat pattern!

I love the Essential Sweater Dress, shown left below...would love to knock about in that!

But the Andorra Cape which my sister knit up in color "blackberry" is my latest and most favorite garment! As the neckline drapes over (lots of different ways to position it) you see reverse side, which offers a pleasing but different texture than the RS. You can wear it with the point directly in front (there is a kangaroo pocket on the inside too....perfect to hold some tissues or warm your hands if you're outdoors. Or you can wear it off to the side for an interesting asymmetrical look. The pattern is written for one of their other yarns but it works up in Columbia at a bit bigger gauge. I actually prefer the way the collar options hang with the heavier gauge than the original....there is more volume to it, I guess, so you can "play" with how it drapes more.

It may be hard to appreciate photographed on the model without arms....but the cape hangs right at ones elbows....leaving your hands free for cooking, weaving, knitting, or spinning-whatever your passion-without the "tails" that shawls have hanging in your way! And this stays over the shoulders perfectly.

4 sks does the cape; depending on size of the Essential Sweater Dress, it requires 5 or 6 for most people.

Worsted has 216 yards and is recommended knit at 4.5 sts/inch US 8


Worsted Weight:

light grey, light brown, taupe

Worsted Weight:

black, dyed charcoal, rich soil


Worsted Weight:

teal, juniper, black cherry, marionberry, lilac, rose