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Everyobody likes to look for pure cashmere, and the allure of qiviut was also enticing for many for a while. But the reality I experienced here in the store is that while many customers asked for cashmere of qiviut, because of price, they ended up buying a llama or alpaca instead.

So I don't stock pure cashmere in any weight and I no longer stock qiviut or the qiviut blend or bison - they all had a flourish here for a short time and then died - big time!

But now I stock several lovely blends by Juniper Moon, Debbie Bliss and Anne Blatt.

If you are looking for more options in weight of yarn or price point for a cozy cowl or a garment that is just about (to some people, equally) as soft, check out the Alpacas/Llamas page



Juniper Moon

12 gorgeous colors


Nunki by Anne Blatt


Debbie Bliss Lhasa


bliss baby

Debbie Bliss Cashmereno Baby

Hi-Koo Simpli Natural

Road to China light