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Calico and Calico Jakur

This d.k. gauge (5.5 sts/inch) yarn is a cotton/acrylic blend that is soft and easy care. It is available in both solids (Calico) and some prints (Calico Jakur), giving the knitter lots of possibilities for design options.

The baby sweater knit below shows 1 skein of the Jakur used in the yoke and 1 skein of the Calico solid used for the body/sleeves.

A great option for baby and kid knitting. This is a really nice quality acrylic that is combined 50/50 with cotton. The contribution of the acrylic to this yarn allows for more yardage to be spun for the same amount of gms. So each 100 gm ball features about 260 yards!!

If you're looking for a bigger gauge in a similar fiber blend, check out Babe Cotton Soft available in both a chunky 3.5/inch size and a worsted 5 st/inch gauge!


Solids price per ball: $7.99

Prints Price per ball: $8.25/sk





reading top to bottom and left column first:

rusts, pinks, purples

teals, neutrals, blues



reading top to bottom:

ecru, teal, blue

reading top to bottom,

zinnia, butter, gray

Solid Calicos:



Printed Calico Jaks: