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This cotton acrylic blend yarn (60% cotton/40$ acrylic) is colorful and durable! It is constructed in an interesting way - not just in terms of how the colors sequence, but in how the fibers are plied/chained, making for a durable and lasting yarn.

So Chris and I are both knitting up "market bags" for yarn shopping out of it - I gave her a pattern using 1 skein and in a rather open-work k2tog/yo style mesh stitch while I am knitting up a denser and larger bag in a slip stitch pattern that shows off 2 different colors! You can see Chris' work-in-progress below

But it would be a good yarn for lots of other knitting this spring and summer too!

So stop by and check it out, or order a skein and we'll send you the link to the free pattern from Ravelry that we're using for the 1 skein yarn bag!

Each gall has 190 yards and it is recommended knit between 4-5 sts/inch on a US 7-9.

A few more colors are arriving this week, so they'll be posted next week (2/11/2020)

Price per skein $14.99


1, 30, 31, 23

16, 32, 19, 26

27, 33, 8, 22

Colors 28 and 10

as shown in the Square Market Bag in the right side bar

southwest, carribean, skies

new for spring 22




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