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1) this list isn't entirely complete, but it's a start.

2)Since many yarns are ok knit at a half stitch per inch difference than what their label may say (depending on what you're making and what type of fabric you desire), you may want to check out the options at a gauge either side of how we have them listed. For example, the label on Cascade 220 suggests that it can be knit at 5/in on a US 7 or 4.5/in on a US 8. We've listed it under 5/in on a 7 because that's my preference for most sweaters, but for someone else, or even for myself for a scarf, knitting this same yarn at 4.5/in on an 8 may be preferable.

3) we haven't listed Lace weight yarns here, you can them out by clicking on those highlighted links

4) some of the sock yarns might be great for gloves, scarves, wristlets, and lightweight cardigans etc, so if this is your project in mind, you might want to check out the sock yarns too!

Sock Yarns

Indulgence Cashmere Sock Yarn

Malabrigo Sock (not really a sock yarn, but a sock weight! it doesn't have any nylon in it)

Heritage Sock (solid and handpainted)

Heritage Wave (tweedy gradient like Bliss Rialto Sock)

Supersocke Wool - self patterning

Supersocke Cotton - monochromatic

Happy Feet Sock 100 (solids and variegateds)

Alegria Sock by Manos (handpainted wool/nylon)

Debbie Bliss Rialto Sock (tweedy gradient like Heritage wave)

Zauberball Crazy

Fingering Weight Yarns (7 sts/in, typically on US 3)

Aine by Juniper Moon - 100% Silk

La Jolla by Baah Yarns

Cheshire Cat by Frabjous Fibers

Fino and Fino Mini Skein Packs

Amore by Cascade -recycled wool

Malabrigo Mechita

Manos Fino Silk-Wool

Freia Ombres

Ella Rae Extrafine Merino

Bliss Rialto 4 ply-machine washable

Meadow by The Alpaca Co - in store, coming online soon

Claudia Handpaint

Isager Alpaca-Merino

Malabrigo Sock

NFAC Kettle Dyed Merino

Cumbria Fingering

Nuble by Araucania

Herriot Fine by Juniper Moon

Shibui Yarns : Silk Cloud, Cima, Lunar, Pebble

Sport Weight Yarns (6 sts/in on US 4 or 5)

Eco PUno -alpaca/merino/cotton

Reserve Sport -bamboo, silk, merino blend

Edition Three

Patagonia by Juniper Moon

Twig and Reed by Shibui

Arranmore Light

Merino Gradients

Zooey by Juniper Moon

Silk Garden Sock Weight

Cascade Sport Weight - non-superwash

Cascade Sport Superwash

Bliss Baby Cashmerino Solids

Bliss Baby Cashmerino Tonals

Bliss Eco-Baby Cotton - organic

Vermont Shetland

Amitola by Louisa Harding

Road to China Light by Fiber Co.

Swan Island Rambouillet

Indulgence Handpaint

Rustic Silk

D.K. Weight Yarns (5.5 sts/in on US 6)

Patagonia by Juniper Moon

Aine by Juniper Moon

Sonata cotton/silk by Noro

Zooey by Juniper Moon -cotton/linen

Paqu Pura Alpaca

Arroyo by Malabrigo

Debbie Bliss Rialto Extrafine Merino dk

Vermont Coopworth

Calico cotton/acrylic

Cascade Sport Weight - non-superwash

Cascade Sport Superwash

Rialto D.K. by Debbie Bliss

Indulgence Handpaint

Aranmore Light by Fiber Co


4.5- 5 sts/in on US 7 or 8

Mirasol Umina

Lopi Lite

Hi-Koo Simpli Natural

Moonshine by Juniper Moon

Cascade Lana d'Oro

Plymouth Merino Superwash

Knit-Col (4.5-5 sts/inch)

Cascade 220 Wool

Encore...tweed, Coffee Beenz, Colorspun, and original

Maxima by Manos

Cumbria by Fiber Co

Cumulus - Juniper Moon cotton

Babe Cotton Soft Worsted

Merino Textura

Fourteen by Juniper Moon

Pima Rino by Plymouth

4-4.5 sts/in on US 9 or 10

Peru Tweed

Katia Cotton Merino

Cozy Alpaca by Ella Rae

Nunki by Anne Blatt

Homestead Wool by Plymouth

Silk Garden by Noro

Kureyon by NOro

Encore Tweed

Lamb's Pride Worsted

Herriot Great by Juniper Moon

Aranmore by Fiber Co.

Lhasa Cashmere by Debbie Bliss

Amitola Grande by Lousia Harding

Cumulus by Juniper Moon

Fourteen by Juniper Moon

Simpli Natural by Hikoo

Ito by Noro

Bulky Weight Yarns (3-3.5 sts/in on US 10-11)

Aireado Alpaca by Plymouth

Moonshine Chunky

Cascade's Eco Wool Bulky

Malabrigo Meche

Misti Alpaca

Lamb's Pride Bulky

Cascade 128-machine washable 100% wool!!

Aranmore by Fiber Co.

Babe Cotton Soft - cotton/acrylic blend

Stratus by Juniper Moon

Ito by Noro

Chunky Weight Yarns (2.5 sts/in+ on US 13-17)

Lush - hand-dyed in Uruguay 100% wool

Encore Mega...including the new Mega Colorspun! -acrylic blend

Rasta by Malabrigo

Balloon by Katia - in stock in the store

coming soon:

Ushya and Perulana