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Yarns By Gauge

Since many yarns are ok knit at a half stitch per inch difference than what their label may say (depending on what you're making and what type of fabric you desire), you may want to check out the options at a gauge either side of how we have them listed. For example, the label on Cascade 220 suggests that it can be knit at 5/in on a US 7 or 4.5/in on a US 8. We've listed it under 5/in on a 7 because that's my preference for most sweaters, but for someone else, or even for myself for a scarf, knitting this same yarn at 4.5/in on an 8 may be preferable.

We haven't listed Lace weight yarns here, you can them out by clicking on those highlighted links

Some of the sock yarns might be great for gloves, scarves, wristlets, and lightweight cardigans etc, so if this is your project in mind, you might want to check out the sock yarns too!


Sock Yarns (7-8 sts/inch with nylon or poly added; 1-3)

We also have Heritage and Happy Feet at the store!


Fingering Weight Yarns (7 sts/in, typically on US 2-3)


Sport Weight Yarns (6 sts/in on US 4 or 5)


D.K. Weight Yarns (5.5 sts/in on US 6)


4 - 5 sts/in on US 7-9


Bulky Weight Yarns (3-3.5 sts/in on US 10-11)


Chunky Weight Yarns (2-2.5 sts/in+ on US 13-17)


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